Dr. Kristin Clark

It is my privilege and honor to provide leadership to the West Hills Community College District (WHCCD) with the intent of promoting an inclusive atmosphere, equitable opportunities, a high value for diversity, and a love of learning and serving others.  

For almost 90 years, WHCCD has proudly served students and the communities on the westside of the Central Valley. We have transformed the lives of many of our students by creating opportunities for upward mobility through education, workforce training, internships, community service, and mentoring. Each year we develop and launch new programs and services to provide additional educational opportunities and support.

At WHCCD, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, and we take nothing for granted.  We engage our work with a sense of curiosity, innovation, and collaboration.  Our world-class faculty values academic excellence, critical thinking, culturally responsive teaching practices, and a student-centered focus.  Our staff are driven by their passion and purpose for serving students, and our Board is committed to the communities they represent. Everyone at WHCCD is relentless in our pursuit of student success.

As our slogan says, "Once you go here, you can go anywhere!"


Dr. Kristin Clark